One on One Consulting Session with Ari (60 min)
  • One on One Consulting Session with Ari (60 min)
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Let me start off by saying, I'm a musician first. I make my money playing music (and more recently acting and writing). I started Ari's Take and wrote the book to help musicians (not for me to make money). I do love helping talented, hard-working musicians out one-on-one, but just can't dedicate the time necessary to help everyone. So, I've setup a consulting program where if you're serious enough to pay for a session then I'm serious enough to sit down and talk it out with you. I've settled on rates that's worth my time and won't break your bank.

I've consulted musicians ranging from full-time touring bands selling out venues around the country, to singer/songwriters looking to book their first show. I worked with a 67 year old musician now looking to get serious with music (after retiring from his office job) and a 35 year old dad with a wife and three kids trying to figure out how to work music into the equation (without hitting the road). I created a pitch, plan and proposal that got a 25 year old singer/songwriter to secure a $100,000 investment. I helped a band break into the college market (making LOTS of money) and helped a singer/songwriter negotiate the terms of her producer contract.

I've worked with bands and musicians of every genre.

I won't be taking any time before our session to review any of your materials. If there are things you'd like me to look at, please send it and mention it right at the start and we can spend the first 5-10 minutes going through your materials.

Please don't ask me how to make you a star like I have the magic star bullet and will shoot it through the Skype screen and POOF you're a star. Please come with specific questions and we can brainstorm ways on how to build your career. Come prepared. Let's get specific. Don't just show me a song and say "what now." Come with a vision of where you'd like to see your career going. What is your one year goal? 5 year goals?

Do you want to tour? Do you want to build a social following? Are you releasing an album? Do you want to sell out a local show? Are you looking for more press? Do you want to break into the college market? Do you want to figure out ways to make more money? Trying to figure out why you aren't gaining traction? We can dig into it. But please please please come with some specific questions. If you want me to spend the entire session listening to every song on your album and giving my thoughts on that, I can do that.

If you'd like to setup a consulting session with me you can do that here. As soon as I receive payment I'll get in touch to find a time that works for us. If you don't hear from me within 24 hours email

I highly recommend you read my book first before signing up. Many of your questions may be answered in there.

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