Young Canyon is: 

Jesse MacLeod, Ari Herstand and Will Hutchinson 

"Singing to strangers under street lamps / Songs on torn up napkins after midnight" - from "Mountain Road (California)" 

In the summer of 2012, long time friends from the University of Minnesota, Ari Herstand and Will Hutchinson (newly LA transplants), teamed up with LA native Jesse MacLeod to play some cover songs on the busking headquarters of Santa Monica, the 3rd Street Promenade. For a solid 4 months the trio spent most days (and nights) playing for tips from tourists and celebrities (Conan O'Brien's kids gave $5 each - that was a good day). 

Most people just passed by, occasionally dropping in a buck or two. But this particular day on the 'nade, a cute girl took a seat on the street curb and doodled in her sketch book while listening to the trio. After the set, Will went up to her and sparked up an awkward conversation. The two became (Facebook) friends. Little did either know that in less than two years they would be married. 

After a hardy Los Angeles winter, Will decided to move back to his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska for an inspiration change and Ari and Jesse continued their solo singer/songwriting careers in Los Angeles 

One day Ari and Jesse got a text from Will, "Hey guys, I'm going to propose to Betsy and want you both to be my co-best men." 

Jesse and Ari decided to go the non-traditional route for Will's Bachelor party and found a resort in the small town of Tehachapi (about two hours north of LA) where they headed with their guitars for a few day retreat. One day they spent the morning hiking and hitting golf balls on the torn up driving range. They took their guitars out into the open field and over the course of the next few hours wrote three songs. 

"I've never been able to write like this before," Ari confesses. "I've co-written with many great songwriters but I've never had a connection like I have with these guys. The songs flow so effortlessly." 

The trio made a pact to get together every two months to write and record - either in Will's home of Lincoln or Ari and Jesse's home of LA. 

Ari lives on Laurel Canyon and the trio is birthing a new batch of songs that continue the folk tradition of the region. They are Young Canyon. 

The first batch of tunes are scheduled to be released in 2018.